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Sindh Solar Scheme 2024: 2 lac families to get Solar Panels


Sindh Solar Scheme 2024 – Pakistan is striving to meet its growing energy needs by providing solar setups to deserving families. This initiative aims to ensure energy accessibility, promote environmental sustainability, and reduce the burden on government energy generation.

In collaboration with the World Bank, the Sindh government plans to offer complete solar systems to 200,000 households across the province, including 50,000 in Karachi, at an affordable price of just Rs7,000 each.

These systems, designed to power a fan and three LED bulbs, will address energy challenges and provide sustainable electricity solutions to households, with distribution efforts spanning all regions of Sindh.

Scheduled to begin in October, the project includes solar panels, charge controllers, and batteries in the system package, empowering communities to generate their energy and reducing reliance on fossil fuels.

Sindh Solar Scheme 2024

Under the scheme, households using up to 100 units of electricity per month will qualify for free solar systems, with the government covering all expenses, including installation. At the same time, the Punjab administration has declared its intention to offer complimentary solar setups to 50,000 families within the province. This initiative will be financed entirely by the provincial government, amounting to around Rs10 billion.

Additionally, the Sindh government, in partnership with the World Bank, will distribute solar systems to households across the region at an affordable price of Rs7,000, prioritizing those in rural areas.

The initiative aims to distribute solar panels to 200,000 households province-wide. Including 50,000 in Karachi, at a cost of Rs7,000 each. These systems will be capable of powering fans and multiple LED bulbs.

In each district, 6,656 families will receive solar systems. With the initiative set to commence in October once purchases are finalized. Each bundle will consist of solar panels, charge regulators, and batteries.

Benefits of Sindh Solar Scheme

  • Eligibility for households consuming up to 100 units of electricity per month
  • Free solar systems provided by the government, covering all expenses including installation
  • Aimed at reducing electricity costs for low-consumption households
  • Fully funded by the Sindh provincial government in collaboration with the World Bank
  • Affordable price of Rs 7,000 for solar systems
  • Preference given to households in rural areas
  • Distribution of solar panels to 200,000 households province-wide
  • Each system capable of powering fans and multiple LED bulbs
  • Approximately 6,656 families in each district to benefit from the scheme
  • Initiative scheduled to begin in October with packages including solar panels, charge controllers, and batteries

Latest Update about 2 Lakh Sindh Solar Panel Scheme 2024 

Under the Solar Panel Scheme in Sindh, 200,000 families, primarily from remote areas, will receive solar systems at an affordable price. This initiative aims to promote environmental sustainability, improve energy accessibility, and reduce the demand on government energy generation. Each solar system will power a fan and three LED bulbs.

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